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A cloth, a tree

Bisherige Spenden (Stand 28. Februar 2023):

  • 8 Bäume in Eberbach-Unterdielbach. Projekt: Green Forest Fund
  • 80 Bäume in Pockenau, Ursprung, Planschwitz und Oberlichtenau in Sachsen. Projekt: Primaklima
  • 100 Bäume in Nicaragua. Projekt: Primaklima
  • 5000 Bäume in Brasilien. Projekt: Eden Reforestation Project
  • 5722 Bäume in Madagaskar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesien, Mosambik, Kenia und Mittelamerika. Projekt: Eden Reforestation Project

Wir pflanzen  pro verkauftem Hamamtuch einen Baum. Dabei unterstützen wir ausgewählte Projekte.

The Eden Reforestation Project is one of the oldest reforestation programmes in the world. The planting of trees in countries such as Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya or Haiti is done by local people, thus fighting poverty at the same time.

2nd Green Forest Fund plants in Germany. The Heidelberg-based organisation acquires suitable plots of land to create the primeval forests of tomorrow.

3 Primaklima is currently planting on degraded land in Nicaragua, which is being reforested with the help of small farmers. For the farmers, this means an alternative source of income, and for the world, a step towards curbing the increasing consequences of climate change.

4. Blühpatenschaft Starnberger See - Hamamista has already had a blossom sponsorship at Lake Starnberg since 2019, where farmer Franz Grenzebach has permanently transformed 40000 square metres of farmland into a paradise for bees and other insects.

In addition, we regularly donate to charitable initiatives such as Sanktionsfrei e.V., the UNICEF Children's Fund or "Friends of Sevim", an initiative that cares for street dogs in Bartim, Turkey.

We regularly publish the donation report in the first lines of this page and thank each and every one of our customers. You are not only supporting the continuation of a traditional Turkish handicraft, but thanks to our long value chain, you are also supporting small businesses that grow, spin, dye and process cotton, families that produce on local looms, run small weaving or embroidery shops, women and men who earn their living as weavers and traders, and many other people who work within the production process.

And from now on, with every Hamamista towel you plant a tree 🌳

Photo: David Vig on Unsplash

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